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Historic Testimonials

Kim and Dee have done a fantastic job in raising awareness about immigration marriage fraud! The excellent work goes on and more and more people in a position of authority are beginning to take notice. I would personally like to thank both for their information emails and information. 




Kim and Dee with their wonderful support were my saviours when I was very depressed at the terrible frauds that had been perpertrated on me. I did not know which way to turn . Thanks to their energetic positive attitudes and the huge amount of information they have provided I am now settled and with a clear plan for the future. They have been a God send. It has also been rather a strange help to know I am not alone and scores if not thousands have also been cheated by immigrant fraudsters. 



suicidal but safe

Thanks to the help of IMFUK and Kim and Dee my estranged husband got deported after using me to get in to the UK fraudulently - I still cannot believe it!! When my ex left me with our young son I had no where to turn until I found this website and these 2 lovely ladies - I was given practical and emotional support which encouraged me to make a complaint to parliamentary ombudsman which I believe made this all happen So so happy - I could not have achieved this with out the help of Kim and Dee and of course God - good luck to all and thanks again ladies x 



Very happy service user

Thank you both for this May 2016 update and for your tireless effort to be heard from the real victims of these immigration marriage frauds (us!) which seems to be on the increase for many reason not to mention the marriage fraudsters who by claiming DV will get financial, legal and accommodation support at the tax payers expense where as we have to foot our own bills and we are treated as ?Third Party? and so the ultimate decision to grant an indefinite leave to remain to them is possibly be based on one side (false) of the story, this ruling has to change!!! Keep up your great effort to be heard by the Home Office to listen to the real victims in this situation and that the Home Office take action to address sooner rather than later! 



If it was not for this website and the nice lady Delene Alouane and Kim Sow I would not have a clue in the world what to do who to talk to.They have been very good and the information i got from them wish I had it before my fake Japanese wife did what she did. This woman used me to get in the UK, for the NHS and our much more easy life style than in Japan.I have now got my MP on board and thanks again to these woman keep up the good work and lets make our voice heard. 



Japanese woman

This site offer lucid, clear advice on what steps can be taken to combat a crime that has no regard for the sanctity of marriage, and is a shocking manipulation of the emotions, welfare, and resources, as well as the physical and mental health of vulnerable human beings. Well Done Dee and Kim. 


keith crudgington

Best advice on Immigration marriage scams

 I am extremely impressed with all the hard work put into this very serious issue as it is a crime which needs to be acknowledged and has been ignored as taxpayers pay for it all including court cases, compensation, visas, housing and benefits, often for people on long term because these things are provided because they arrive with no means and therefore highly unlikely or will find it difficult to become economically active as most are left on benefits. This cost must be immense on people who pay our governmenwho should be protecting us from fraud.. There is a social as well as personal cost in damaging lives Without this hard work none of this progress to highlight this issue would have been possible so I would like to thank you. Many Thanks. 




This campaign shines a light for the victims of such an evil crime. The perpetrators are calculated and cruel. This abuse of vulnerable British citizens cannot go unnoticed and certainly not unpunished. It is a violation of trust at its highest level and I pray that one day justice be served. I support and encourage others to support this cause. Enough is enough! 




My daughter read your letters and demands for law change. VERY IMPRESSED! "How well this is written! This MUST have impact on the lawmakers" She sends you greetings! 


It cannot be that so many innocent people are abused for money and Visa, and the government remains aloof????? There are thousands of good men and women pounced on by a plague of parasites! It is the DUTY of lawmakers, MPs, Home Office and all other persons who have got the mandate of the citizens, to declare immigration marriage fraud a crime. These are criminals, should be treated as criminals, and then should be sent back to where they came from. 


This organisation does great important work!

Goodness, this is wonderful news Dee --- never thought that it would happen. I am so pleased and proud of what you are doing. Long may you continue!! xx 


This website deserves real credit for tackling such a big loophole in the UK Immigration system. This issue needs to be given more air-time and the general public need to be given more awareness of the impact of the current laws. Well done for running such an excellent site- it's easy to see that it's improving all the time and with more members, the library of experience can only grow and help us eradicate this loophole which causes such heartache for its victims - congratulations on an excellent project



Needed some advice

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