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We have all experienced difficulties getting the authorities to take the issue of marriage by deception seriously and to understand that these are long cons with the aim of gaining citizenship and our financial assets. Many of us are left feeling raped emotionally, financially and physically through rape by deception (consent). The bottom line is that these are Frauds and Fraud and misrepresentation are grounds to have ILR and Citizenship revoked. Our aim is to get the Police and Home Office to work together, create systems and processes and to get these criminals where they should be – behind bars and deported.

The issue is complicated due to anomalies in the law however if countries like Canada can change the law and start the deportations so can the UK.


To begin we want to point out the first steps you should take.


Call Action Fraud and get yourself a number.Action Fraud appear to only get involved with these issues if the victims met Online but hopefully with increased demands they will change their stance. This organisation is there to collate statistics and to ensure that your information is passed to the Police. 0300 123 2040


Go to the Police with this number and get yourself a CAD number


Go on the Gov Site and fill in the form making certain that you quote these numbers and give contact details for the Police. This proves to the Home Office that you are a victim and your case needs to be taken immediately and seriously.


If your Police will not take you seriously the fact that you have an Action Fraud number will mean you are in the system. Action Frauds advice if you cannot get the Police to investigate is to complete the IPCC form which the Police will be very wary of.


It should not be like this but at the moment it is and we have to work with the power we have to make the authorities investigate our cases.


As soon as possible get yourself a letter from the Police saying that there is an investigation for Bigamy, Fraud or any other associated crimes. Even if you cannot do this ensure that you write to the Land Registry explaining the situation to see if you can stop any charges being put on your property. Once these are on you cannot remove without a Court Case so prevention is better. N.B. Even if your spouse is not a name on the Land Registry title, never made a mortgage payment, signed property disclaimers or even Divorce papers lodged your spouse can make a claim for your property.

Keep the issue with the Criminal Law not the Civil Law as criminal investigations and the law take precedence over any civil actions…………….and buys you some holding time.

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