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Please note: You need to register as a member before you contact us as you may find the information you need on this website. Additional advice will be given once a donation is received.


Do write in and let us know your thoughts, or submit any stories, etc. If you have a question or want to discuss any issues, please post in the Forum under appropriate headings or send an email to:


To prove that you are genuine in your request, please submit a telephone number where we can contact you, if necessary.

This campaign, advise and support service does not get any financial support. We devote our time freely to help victims while we continue to fight our own personal cases. We run this page voluntarily in our own time and at our own cost.


To help continue to run this site, we are asking for a donation of £10 or above for those requesting advice. For comprehensive advice, please donate with the donation button on first page of the website.

Any donations our members can give will be appreciated. 

Thank you in advance for your support of this very serious issue - immigration marriage fraud.

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The owner of this site has been self-funding since March 2013. Please give generously to keep this website running by clicking the DONATE button below. I run this site entirely from my own funds and give my time freely 24/7, having put 11 years of knowledge gathering information on this site.

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